AHS Knows That You Have Questions About Home Warranties

Should I try to fix my own appliances? How much coverage do I need? Where can I find a home warranty near me? These are just a few questions that cross our customer's minds. It is our mission to make sure that not only is your home protected, but that you know exactly what kind of appliances and home systems you are getting covered. We have developed several tools such as a frequently asked questions section for general information about what may be on your mind. Feel free to check out our blog if you need specific answers regarding home warranties, tips and tricks for homeownership, moving hacks and so much more! We are happy to assist you in learning what you need to know to prevent your home or budget from being compromised from unexpected repair and maintenance.
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Our goal is to make sure that you are an informed consumer. Below you will find access to multiple resources to make sure you are making the best decision for you, your budget and your family. Check out our frequently asked questions, blog, whether a home warranty is worth your hard earned money and find out just who exactly American Home Shield is

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